Ecdysis II

Sue The Boy

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Product Overview

Sue The Boy Jewellery is oxidised by hand so slight colour variations are celebrated in each unique piece. 

Type     Band Ring
Style     A Band Ring With A Snake Skin Engraving & A Emerald Stone
Colour     Oxidised Silver With Tumbled Finish
Stone     4 x 2mm Baguette Emerald 
Metal     100% Recycled Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Band Thickness     1.7mm
Band Width      Front: 9mm Back: 5mm

Rings measured in mm, guide below:
I = 15mm, J = 15.6mm, K = 15.7mm, L = 16mm, M = 16.4mm, N = 17mm, O = 17.4mm, P = 17.8mm, Q = 18.2mm, R = 18.6mm, S = 19mm, T = 19.5mm, U = 20mm, V = 20.4mm, W = 20.8mm, X = 21.2mm, Y = 21.6mm, Z = 22mm.