The Envy

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Merchant Of The Sun -

Each piece forged with time and care from recycled 925 silver and rough-cut stones, handcrafted to last lifetimes.

The Envy is the perfect genderless addition to our growing collection. One of our smallest pieces yet, this band features raw edges and a well worn aesthetic. Designed in the middle of COVID lockdown, this piece symbolised tropical days gone past and dreams of future travels. We hope you love this piece as much as we do!

Rings measured in mm, guide below:
I = 15mm, J = 15.6mm, K = 15.7mm, L = 16mm, M = 16.4mm, N = 17mm, O = 17.4mm, P = 17.8mm, Q = 18.2mm, R = 18.6mm, S = 19mm, T = 19.5mm, U = 20mm, V = 20.4mm, W = 20.8mm, X = 21.2mm, Y = 21.6mm, Z = 22mm.