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Signet Ring - Wide rectangular face with a Fox engraving

Sue the Boy is a jewellery label that is based in Byron Bay, Australia. Drawing influence from different Cultures, Art, Fashion and everything along the open roads that captures the eye. Each piece is cast in solid Sterling Silver, then oxidized and hand polished.

925 solid sterling silver

Hand made in Byron Bay

Sue The Boy jewellery is oxidised by hand so slight colour variations are celebrated in each unique piece.

Rings measured in mm, guide below:
I = 15mm, J = 15.6mm, K = 15.7mm, L = 16mm, M = 16.4mm, N = 17mm, O = 17.4mm, P = 17.8mm, Q = 18.2mm, R = 18.6mm, S = 19mm, T = 19.5mm, U = 20mm, V = 20.4mm, W = 20.8mm, X = 21.2mm, Y = 21.6mm, Z = 22mm.